AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest - 4 August 2023

5-08-2023, 20:12
AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest
As she arrives in the woods, Eve flashes a bubbly smile as her perky nipples poke through her tank top, offering teasing hints of the fun to come. She fixes her aquamarine-tinted hair in a makeup mirror, then unzips her tight shorts and gazes over her shoulder, while revealing her curvy bum in a thong. After taking off her shirt to uncover her soft breasts and pale pink nipples, Eve tugs her panties to the side, cheerfully displaying her neatly shaved vulva. When she stands in the nude, her fair skin glows in the sunshine, which gets her excited.
AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest
Eve grabs her bare feet to open her legs wide apart, then eagerly lubes up a glass dildo and inserts it deep in her pussy. The thrilling sensation of masturbating outdoors inspires her to try out an array of positions, while she strokes. With her eyes shut tight, she gets on all fours, lies on her side, and crouches using one hand for balance, all while the toy stimulates her g-spot. Feeling adventurous, Eve decides to cum standing up, and cries out in ecstasy while surrounded by tall trees.
AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest
Wearing snug shorts and a spaghetti strap top, Eve lays out a blanket on the mossy floor of a serene forest. The surrounding greenery accentuates the beauty of her alabaster complexion and her hair, which is dyed a vibrant shade of mint. Shedding her clothes to model her lacy bra and thong panties, Eve tells us about her fluffy black and white cat, and the first time she had sex. It was with her best friend at a party, and the girls had to be quiet so they wouldn't get caught, she explains with a giggle, while caressing her breasts. Eve's peachy bottom jiggles while she strolls through nature wearing only her trainers, and stops to pee in the grass. Taking out her glass dildo, Eve explains that she's always horny and sometimes masturbates ten times a day. "When you can feel pleasure, why not? I think it's healthy!" she declares happily. She plunges the toy deep in her immaculately smooth pussy, and vigorously glides it in and out, making her soft curves bounce. Eve's sweet smiles make clear she's indulging in her favourite activity, as she moans to orgasm standing up, then collapses in a satisfied heap. She reveals that she just fulfilled her fantasy of cumming in the woods: "It's too beautiful! It's more than sex."
AbbyWinters Eve F - In The Forest

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