AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing - 29 March 2024

30 March 2024
AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing
Delfine and Flo look like they were made for each other, with their matching slender figures, cheeky grins, and passion for girls. They get off to a teasingly sexy start, as Flo tickles Delfine's inner thighs with a feather, and we get at upskirt peek at the growing wet spot on her cotton knickers. The girls begin passionately making out, while Flo strips off all of Delfine's clothes, then settles in to start licking and fingering her hairy pussy. Delfine savours being the centre of attention, but giggles when she realises Flo is still fully dressed.
AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing
Once Flo's skintight leggings are peeled off and her thong panties have been eagerly pulled down, the naked girls grind together for lustful tribbing. From that point on, Delfine's tongue scarcely leaves Flo's pussy. First, she invites Flo to sit on her face, and sensually squeezes her bum while licking. The girls then enjoy each other's delicious taste in a sultry 69, before Flo lies back with her legs open, gazing down adoringly as Delfine sucks her clit. After crying out with intense pleasure, Flo gathers Delfine in her arms, and they curl up in a sweet embrace.
AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing
"I'm super into French accents!" Flo announces with an enchanting smile, and Delfine is delighted to hear that her native tongue will heighten her German friend's arousal. After a playful tickling game, the girls exchange deep tongue kisses, and launch into 80 minutes of pure sex. Dominant Flo eagerly undresses Delfine, reaching up her skirt to spank her and pull down her panties, then worshipping her perky breasts. Spreading Delfine's long legs, Flo swoons, "Such a nice pussy to play with!". Sensual labia sucking and clit rubbing make Delfine explode with a magnificent orgasm, and she melts Flo's heart by crying out, "C'est très bon, merci!". "You've earned the right to see me naked!" Flo declares. She cheekily orders Delfine to ask permission in French, before peeling off her skintight workout clothes. Blissfully nude, the girls make their nipples kiss, then indulge in energetic tribbing, and a 69 that makes Delfine climax again. Flo then describes exactly how she wants to be pleasured, and submissive Delfine revels in fulfilling her lover's fantasies. The luxurious pussy licking is filmed in a dazzling closeup, as Delfine swirls her wet tongue around Flo's clit, and penetrates her until she cums with electrifying moans. "You're so eager to please!" Flo sighs while embracing Delfine, then makes her giggle by exclaiming, "It was nice to meet you: enchanté!".
AbbyWinters Delfine & Flo - Tribbing

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