AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae - 5 January 2024

7 January 2024
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae
As they get cosy on the couch, and exchange sensual kisses, Bianca's flowing ice-blonde hair forms a lovely contrast with Delfine's smart black bob. The girls are both enchanted by each other's breasts, as Bianca tugs down Delfine's tank top, to kiss her nipples, and Delfine playfully bounces Bianca's buxom curves. Once they're both naked, Bianca sits on Delfine's face, and closes her eyes, as she's licked to a dreamy climax.
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae
The girls experiment with a fun variation on 69, where they're half on and half off the sofa, then giggle while tribbing, as their significant height difference becomes apparent. When Delfine buries her face between Bianca's thighs, and laps into her meaty labia, it's difficult to tell which girl is more delighted. The shared joy is just as palpable when Delfine spreads her incredibly long legs, and watches her adorable new friend go down on her until she cums.
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae
Delfine shows Bianca a book about dreams, and melts her heart by reading to her in French. "You can change your destiny in dreams!" Delfine explains, and Bianca proves she can do that when she's awake, by gently kissing her friend's neck. After making out topless, and delightedly rubbing their hard nipples together, the girls each bend over to have their panties pulled down. Moving into a sultry 69 to explore each other's pussies, they moan softly as they lick and stroke. Then, Delfine wants to focus all her lustful attention on Bianca, and invites her to lay back and spread her legs. "I love how your lips are bigger outside!" Delfine exclaims, twisting Bianca's meaty labia with the string of her top. Delfine's gifted fingers and mouth bring Bianca to the height of ecstasy, and it's a joy to see both girls smiling brightly during the orgasm. While kissing in the afterglow, Delfine puts her bare feet high in the air. "My legs are really long, no?" she asks, and Bianca takes the hint and passionately eats her out. She gently swirls her tongue around Delfine's hairy pussy, overwhelming her with delicious jolts of pure pleasure. Don't miss the fun after video, where cheeky videographer Justina joins the girls on camera, to quantify their height difference with a measuring tape.
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Delfine - Meaty labiae

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