AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts - 20 December 2022

20-12-2022, 22:18
AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts
AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts - 20 December 2022
Rebekah's loose top shows off her tummy, as she unzips her girly shorts decorated with flowers, and reveals that her knickers are covered with butterflies. She strips down to her see-through lingerie, with her perky nipples visible through her pink bra, and her fluffy bush spilling from the sides of her panties. Removing her last items of clothing, she caresses her small breasts and gazes into the camera with her dark eyes, as her pussy is photographed from below.
AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts
Rebekah reclines on the floor with her legs wide open, and serenely brushes her cascading brunette locks. On her hands and knees, with her hips in the air, she looks back over her shoulder as we enjoy the view. Then, she stands up and playfully attempts to put her jeans on backward, and manages to pull them up over her round bottom. Standing topless in denim, Rebekah puts her backpack on her shoulders, and uses the straps to just barely cover her chest.
AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts
Girl next door Rebekah gets out her nervous excitement about undressing on camera by hopping up and down in her midriff-baring top. She's brought along her Hollywood clapperboard, and announces "Action!", before taking off her shirt and unzipping her tight shorts. With her bra on backwards and her fuzzy bush visible through her transparent undies, Rebekah explains in her soft English accent that: "I'm generally shy with people, so I don't really go up to boys unless they come to me first." After dropping her panties around her ankle, she rubs the fabric against her little boobs, and opens her legs so we can admire her pussy. Rebekah playfully juggles pillows naked, and giggles as she recalls the time she and her partner had sex in the disabled toilet at the Chelsea football stadium. While wiggling her hips on all fours, she reveals that her favourite part of her body is her bum: "I wear leggings all the time, as it shows the shape, or a short skirt". Standing in the nude, Rebekah perches one bare foot on the counter and shares the whimsical gesture that would melt her heart. "The ideal romantic thing for me is if a guy got me one of those aeroplanes that write you a message in the sky!" she reveals with a bright smile.
AbbyWinters Rebekah T - Tiny Breasts

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