AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts - 4 November 2022

6-11-2022, 09:26
AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts
AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts - 4 November 2022
Roselina glows with a cheeky grin, as she brushes her flowing blonde hair and arranges it into a long ponytail. When she bends over, her yellow cartoon character panties are visible up her skirt. After slipping off her tank top, to reveal a lacy see-through bra, she puts it on backwards so the straps tease her perky nipples. Roselina pulls her undies down around her ankles and relaxes in the nude, while happily drawing a heart with lotion on her bare breasts.
AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts
On her hands and knees with her bum in the air to highlight her tight anus, Roselina looks invitingly over her shoulder with bedroom eyes. She puts on a transparent halter top and lays back and spreads her legs, so we can admire the downy hair adorning her pussy, which glistens with creamy wetness. Roselina next models a cosy knit jumper, while nude from the waist down with her knees open, then flashes her small boobs with a shimmering smile.
AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts
Sunny Roselina has just returned from a holiday to Spain and Italy "to pick up some summer vibes", as she explains with a bright smile. Her canary yellow undies peek from under her miniskirt, as she brushes her blonde hair and explains her trick for telling her hairdresser how to cut it the perfect length. "I just think, where's my nipples?" she giggles, slipping off her tank top to uncover a transparent bra. Caressing her pert breasts, she shares that she loves having them touched during foreplay, and tries to remember to include them when pleasuring herself: "They are here for a reason!". Roselina's favourite part of her body is her round bum and, as she reveals it, she details her passion for wearing tight jeans. "Whenever I'm walking by, you'll be like: 'Oh, that's a nice ass!' " she exclaims, laughing with delight. Hooking her knickers around her ankles, she stretches her slender legs wide open, while declaring: "Home gyms are the best, with my own panties!". Roselina uses her selfie stick to happily snap nude photos in an array of sexy positions. She gets on all fours with her bottom in the air, then captures an intimate closeup of her delicate pink pussy, which is decorated with a sprinkle of soft hair.
AbbyWinters Roselina - Tiny Breasts

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