AbbyWinters Ash Braces - 27 September 2022

27 September 2022
AbbyWinters Ash Braces
AbbyWinters Ash Braces - 27 September 2022
Ash relaxes on the couch by drawing and fixing her flowing brunette hair. She gets more comfy by slipping out of her t-shirt to reveal her soft bra, while flashing a bright smile that makes her braces sparkle. After removing her trousers and uncovering her elegantly lacy red panties, she playfully tugs them to the side, for a peek at her fluffy bush, then lowers her bra to flash one nipple.
AbbyWinters Ash Braces AbbyWinters Ash Braces AbbyWinters Ash Braces
Removing her last items of clothing, Ash stands in the nude so we can admire all of the sensual curves of her figure. Then, she puts on her headphones and bops joyfully around the room, shaking her round bottom and climbing a stepladder. She runs her fingers through the soft curls decorating her pussy, caresses her bare breasts while gazing at them in the mirror, and gives us a friendly wave goodbye.
AbbyWinters Ash Braces AbbyWinters Ash Braces
Cheerful new model Ash loves writing in her journal, and creating artwork from her vivid imagination. She giggles while displaying her painting of a "cat-erpillar" that has kitty ears, then slips out of her t-shirt and trousers. Relaxing in her underwear, Ash shares that "I like to keep all of my hair natural, so I don't shave any of it!". She gently strokes the downy fuzz on her legs, and tugs a few soft curls from the side of her elegant red panties. After lighting some candles, Ash strips off her remaining items of clothing, and stands in the nude to show off her toned swimmer's physique. Ash puts on her headphones to dance to her new favourite song, making her soft breasts and juicy bum bounce to the music. Perched naked on a ladder, she describes how much she enjoys tinkering with tools, then massages cream into her perky nipples. With a sweet grin, she reveals the glistening braces that she's had for three and a half years, then cleans them with a toothbrush, while bidding us farewell.
AbbyWinters Ash Braces

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ComfortZone 27 September 2022 21:49
Thank you for the Abby Winters update.
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