AbbyWinters Anca & Lelyah - Kissing Her Friend - 20 February 2024

21 February 2024
AbbyWinters Anca & Lelyah - Kissing Her Friend
Anca and Lelyah look so innocent blowing bubbles together in bed, and complimenting each other's cute outfits. But Lelyah senses their mutual attraction, and makes Anca blush by asking: "Can I take off your top?". Their electrifying chemistry takes over, and the girls begin rubbing their hard nipples together and passionately making out, while undressing each other. Anca pulls down Lelyah's panties and smells them with a bright smile, and nestles her face between her friend's legs. "I want to see your pussy a little bit closer, it's so beautiful!" she exclaims. Then they snuggle up to masturbate together. Holding each other close so they can kiss, make eye contact, and play with boobs, Anca and Lelyah keep their legs open during their vigorous stroking. "Cum for me!" Lelyah urges, and Anca replies: "No, I want to make the pleasure last longer!". But they can only hold back for a little while, before sharing blissful orgasms with their faces pressed together. In the afterglow, they dreamily caress each other all over, until their hands again drift between their thighs. "One more time?" Anca asks. "Yes, you turn me on!" Lelyah exclaims. Plunging their fingers deep in their pussies, the girls prove that they're a perfect match by once again cumming at the same time.
AbbyWinters Anca & Lelyah - Kissing Her Friend

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ComfortZone 21 February 2024 23:31
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update.
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