AbbyWinters Anca & Nataly - Touching her friend - 6 February 2023

6 February 2023
AbbyWinters Anca & Nataly - Touching her friend
AbbyWinters Anca & Nataly - Touching her friend - 6 February 2023 (1080p)
There's a sweetly flirtatious vibe in the air, as Anca dances in place on the windowsill, and Nataly provides the rhythm, by tapping Anca's bare thighs. Then, Nataly's hands move up Anca's skirt so she can peek inside her friend's undies. "It looks so cute!" she exclaims. "I want some exchange: since you have seen my pussy, I want to see yours!" Anca replies mischievously, and her eyes light up as she looks between Nataly's legs. With a sweet kiss, the girls whip off their panties at the same time, and spread their legs to savour the view of each other's perfectly smooth vulvas. Wearing only her neon pink stockings, Nataly confesses that she's never masturbated with another person, and asks Anca: "do you want to try to cum with me?". Anca's eyes sparkle behind her glasses as she nods eagerly, and they begin sensually rubbing their clits side by side. Nataly wraps her arm around Anca's leg, so they can get cosy, as they both touch each other's bare breasts with their free hands. Nataly reaches orgasm first, and her emotional cries of pure pleasure inspire Anca to follow her soon after. Nataly kisses Anca's nipples in the afterglow, and they make plans to go out on a date.
AbbyWinters Anca & Nataly - Touching her friend

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ComfortZone 6 February 2023 23:07
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update. The mutual masturbation serie of Abby Winters are absolutely the best. No where to see smiley
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