AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising - 18 April 2023

18-04-2023, 16:37
AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising
Sporty brunette Marsh invites us to watch her work out with a bright smile, as she demonstrates how she keeps her toned body in great shape. With her sports bra and snug gym shorts, she doesn't have a lot of clothes on to begin with, but she ends up wearing progressively less with each new exercise. Marsh flexes her flat tummy and round bottom while lifting weights, then does push-ups in her thong panties.
AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising
After stretching a resistance band across her bare breasts, she gets into flexible nude yoga poses. Wearing only a robe, Marsh reveals her neatly shaved vulva, when she displays her karate skills, then relaxes on the floor completely naked. Grabbing her bare feet high in the air, she invitingly opens her legs to provide intimate views of her pussy. After perching on all fours with a cheeky grin, she playfully twirls her headphone cord around her large areolas.
AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising
Friendly new model Marsh is a personal trainer, and loves sharing the physical and mental health benefits of fitness. As she sheds her workout gear and does squats and push-ups, she reveals another advantage of staying fit. "My sex drive is very high, because when you do exercise, you can have more sex than a normal person!" she giggles, while wearing only her pink thong. Playfully draping her raven hair over her small breasts, Marsh beams as she describes how much her girlfriend loves licking and nibbling her dark nipples. Then, she gets naked to demonstrate powerful karate punches and kicks. Marsh cools down by taking sexy selfies, including intimate closeups of her shaved pussy, which she sends to her partner. She explains that from the time she had crushes on her friends as a teenager, she's known that she is mostly attracted to women: "They're pretty, they're intelligent, they're everything!". While vividly describing the joys of spanking and simultaneous orgasms, Marsh opens her legs, revealing that she's gotten a bit wet. "During sex, I like to see her face when she's very, very, very excited!" she shares happily, stretching on all fours to show off her curvy bum.
AbbyWinters Marsh - Exercising

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pierre6 17 April 2023 23:54
Please, Irishka, special request, could you post this set of videos?
I would very much appreciate. Thank you! -pierre
Irishka 18 April 2023 06:05
pierre6, I don't have that option now, maybe in the future.
ComfortZone 18 April 2023 22:46
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update.
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