AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion - 19 November 2022

20 November 2022
AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion
AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion - 19 November 2022
Delfine's enchanting smile is guaranteed to brighten your day. She looks so happy in her tank top and cosy gym shorts, but she clearly cannot wait to take off her clothes. Her eyes twinkle as she uncovers her perky breasts and relaxes wearing only a pair of lacy knickers. The see-through fabric reveals that her neatly-trimmed bush is the same dark shade as her stylish fringe hairstyle. As soon as she drops her panties around her ankles, she slips one finger deep in her pussy.
AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion
Delfine excitedly settles in on the couch, and continues touching herself for the rest of the shoot. With her long legs open wide, she parts her fuzzy pubic hair to proudly display her dangling pink labia, tugging them to show off just how long they are. She gets into an array of positions to share all of her body, from standing up to getting on all fours with her bum in the air. In almost every nude photo, she penetrates herself while gazing into the camera with a friendly grin. As she continues to masturbate, Delfine snaps a Polaroid selfie, and the resulting image immortalises her blissed-out face.
AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion
Delfine introduces us to her fluffy shelter cat Hendrix, and giggles as he plays with a feather. After slipping off her gym shorts to reveal a lacy golden thong, she discusses the advantages of standing 180 cm. "I really like being tall because it gives you some authority", she explains in her musical French accent. Delfine drizzles essential oils on her perky breasts, then removes her panties, while describing the pleasures of touching her soft pubic hair. Her lithe nude figure bounces delightfully during jumping jacks and running in place. Then, she shares that her vibrant on-camera presence reflects her joyful personality: "I always look happy and I'm always in a good mood!". Delfine adores taking nude Polaroid selfies, especially intimate closeups: "It makes you feel really good about yourself!". She snaps a great shot featuring her bright smile as she touches herself, and details how good the warmth and wetness of her pussy feels on her fingertips. Delfine relates steamy stories about her 45 sex partners, equally divided between guys and girls, who hail from many countries. "I went around the globe with my sexual conquests!" she declares, continuing to masturbate with her long legs open. A perfect camera angle captures her flushed face, as she strokes her fleshy labia, cumming with a blissful moan that leaves her trembling all over.
AbbyWinters Delfine - Finger insertion

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