AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia - 15 November 2022

15-11-2022, 17:18
AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia
AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia - 15 November 2022
As Giada puts away her dishes, we get teasing peeks up her skirt at her bum cheeks and teal knickers. She describes her love of travelling and meeting new people, while her floral print halter top shows off a hint of underboob. So she slips it off, and uses the fabric to bounce her bare breasts, making her nipples stiffen. Giada pulls down her panties so they dangle from her ankle, and gently strokes her shaved pussy. Spreading her delicate labia, she shares that when she masturbates, she alternates between remembering sexy experiences, and imagining new fantasies inspired by anime porn.
AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia
"I'm naturally very flexible!" Giada announces, standing in the nude and stretching her graceful figure with a resistance band. "This is very useful when I have sex, because it lets me experiment with different positions". She describes making love to her boyfriend in a bathtub and on a kitchen table, and opening her legs wide to make it feel amazing. She gives us a demonstration, while relaxing on the floor with her bare feet in the air. Giada reveals that the best ways to turn her on are gentle caresses all over her body, and soft kisses on her inner thighs. Flashing a shy smile, she points out exactly the right spot.
AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia
Giada looks irresistible as she twirls her blonde ponytail, while wearing a short skirt decorated with colourful flowers and matching halter top. Her blue eyes shimmer with sexy mischief, because she can't wait to show us what's underneath her clothes. She flips up the skirt and tugs her polka-dot panties to the side, to reveal her neatly shaved vulva, then raises her arms above her head, making both breasts pop out. Playfully wrapping her undies around her ankle, and holding them against her bare chest, she's clearly delighted to be completely naked. Giada's heartwarming smile glows as she shares more of her slender body with us. She bends over at the waist and gazes between her legs, while squeezing her bum cheeks to reveal her neat anus. Reclining in a chair, she raises her long legs and bare feet high in the air. And she spends much of the shoot with her legs proudly open, beaming into the camera and spreading her pink labia, so we can get intimate views of her pussy. When she stands in the nude at the end, she puts on a cute backpack and nestles the straps in her cleavage.
AbbyWinters Giada - Pulling labia

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