AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked - 24 September 2022

25-09-2022, 04:49
AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked
AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked - 24 September 2022
Larisa's blue-grey eyes sparkle as she gazes into the camera, with her serenely pretty face framed by perfect ringlets of dark curls. As she excitedly raises her resistance band over her head, her aquamarine t-shirt lifts up, uncovering her flat tummy. With a playful grin, Larisa twists up her top with the band, then starts slipping out of her clothes. Her gym shorts fall away first, revealing silky panties with a hint of camel toe, then she proudly bares her pert breasts, which are adorned with beauty marks. Dropping her knickers around her hips, she warmly looks down while being photographed from below.
AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked
Larisa looks absolutely delighted as she spreads her long legs with a bright smile, savouring the opportunity to provide intimate views of her pussy. She tugs at her pubic hair to open her fleshy pink vulva, and a sheen of creamy girlcum appears as she strokes her clit. Next, Larisa gives special attention to her nipples, teasing them with suction cups, rubbing lotion into them, and laying on her back, so they point to heavens. Then, she stands in the nude wearing only a little backpack, and happily looks over her shoulder, while spreading her bum cheeks, to expose her neat anus.
AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked
Elegant brunette Larisa has been taking pole-dancing classes for two years, and shares how it's made her stronger and more flexible. "I like it a lot, because it makes me feel sexy!" she exclaims, stroking her inner thighs. She shows off her stretching ability, offering peeks at a few strands of pubic hair up her shorts. Stripping down to her silky panties, Larisa slips one hand down them, while showing how she uses suction toys to make her nipples hard before sex. Then, she demonstrates that the toys also work on her clit: "It's a lot more sensitive than it was before!". Larisa looks so comfortable with her legs open, touching herself and describing the thrill of making seductive eye contact with someone across a crowded room. She gently runs her fingers through the soft curls decorating her pussy, and tugs at her labia to expose the glistening pink inside. Larisa gets on all fours with her firm bum in the air, and reveals that doggy is her favourite position, then slides onto her tummy to work out with her resistance band. As she stretches it with her bare feet, she keeps one hand between her legs and sighs: "It's nice, I can connect both training exercises and clitoris stimulation!".
AbbyWinters Larisa Stretching naked

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