AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines - 28 January 2023

28 January 2023
AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines
AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines - 28 January 2023
Larisa has enhanced her glamorously sexy look with some new features, since we last saw her. To begin with, she's added vibrant purple highlights to her hair, and she wiggles her bare feet to show that the colour matches her toenail polish. When she peels off her midriff-baring top, she reveals that she's not wearing a bra, and has begun growing out her armpit hair, which she tenderly strokes. Larisa caresses her tan lined breasts, then puts her legs in the air to remove her lacy panties, and playfully stretches them between her ankles.
AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines
Larisa's vulva is adorned with a neatly-trimmed patch of dark hair, and she enticingly puts it on display by opening her legs with an enchanting smile. After standing in the nude, listening to her headphones and swaying her slender body, she tries on some cute and revealing outfits. Her shimmering pink top can't contain her perky nipples, as she relaxes on the steps, naked from the waist down. A fluorescent yellow leotard covers up a bit more, at least until she reaches between her legs. When Larisa unbuttons the snaps to reveal her pussy, her cheeky expression is irresistible.
AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines
Larisa radiates confidence and grace as she stretches, wearing tiny gym shorts that hug her bum. After peeling them off to do star jumps in her lacy knickers, she shares that she loves getting compliments on her svelte figure, since she puts a lot of effort into making it pretty. "Someone told me I had a really nice smile, and that filled my heart!" she exclaims, with an irresistibly sparkling grin. Larisa teases her perky nipples, then sensually slips her panties around her ankles. Once she's naked, she proudly spreads her long legs wide apart, offering intimate views of her pussy, which is decorated with soft curls. Getting on all fours with her firm bottom in the air, Larisa details the best way to ignite her lust. "I like a lot of kisses on the mouth, and on the body: it's really something that makes me horny!" she explains in a sultry voice. Larisa gently caresses her armpit hair and rubs her soft bare feet, while sharing that foot massages get her excited. Straddling the camera so her pussy can be filmed from below, Larisa describes her aspiration of opening her own sex-positive party venue. She dreams of creating a space where "everyone feels free to live their own sexuality, and feels comfortable having sex in front of other people!".
AbbyWinters Larisa - Tan lines

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