AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers - 6 September 2022 (1080p)

7-09-2022, 12:50
AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers
AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers - 6 September 2022 (1080p)
Doe-eyed new model Jennie welcomes us into her bedroom, as she brushes her luxurious dark hair in her workout clothes. Flashing a mischievous dimpled grin, she tugs at her sports bra to offer teasing peeks at her curvy chest, while using her hands and her silky tresses to stay covered up. Once she proudly reveals her lush boobs and large areolas, she turns her attention to playing with her panties, which are adorned with little Xs. She twists the waistband to uncover her shapely hips and a sprinkle of soft hair, then slips a pink dildo between thighs, making her eyes light up. Blissfully nude, Jennie opens her legs and plunges two fingers deep inside. She happily raises her bare feet in the air, and spreads her dark labia, revealing the creamy wetness of her vagina, then embarks on an epic masturbation session. She bends over to squeeze her round bottom, then lays back with a heartwarming smile, as she penetrates her pussy with the toy. For the finale, Jennie stands up to touch herself, and she cuddles one breast and shuts her eyes tight, as she's overcome with orgasmic pleasure.
AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers
AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers
"People say I have pretty eyes!" Jennie exclaims, and that's an understatement. They are so big and expressive, that it's easy to get lost in them, as she brushes her long hair and plays with her sports bra. Since she's adorably petite, Jennie is attracted to men with big hands, who can lovingly squeeze her soft breasts. With that fantasy in mind, she slips a pink vibrator into her comfy cotton panties, and whimpers with delight. Relaxing nude with her legs open, she shares that she adores masturbating and does it four times a week. "I get wet so easy!" she declares, dark eyes twinkling with her fingers deep inside. Jennie puts on kitty-ear headphones to show off her hip-shaking dance moves, and her jiggling booty mesmerises shoot producer Adriana. "It looks great! Do you take twerk classes?" she asks. "No, YouTube!" Jennie giggles. Then she resumes pleasuring herself, parting the curly hair decorating her pussy, and sliding her toy in and out, in a steamy closeup. As she stimulates her g-spot, Jennie gazes sweetly into the camera, and moans to a powerful orgasm. "How was that?" Adriana asks. "So good! I'm tired" Jennie replies with a bright smile. After fanning herself with her little hands to cool down, she playfully jumps naked on the bed while saying goodbye.
AbbyWinters Jennie L - Inserting Fingers

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