AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties - 4 June 2022 (1080p)

4-06-2022, 19:38
AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties
AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties - 4 June 2022 (1080p)
Gizela looks into the camera with her soulful dark eyes, while relaxing under the covers in her pyjamas. She lifts off her top and gently rubs her chest, then tugs on her little shorts to better show off her round bottom. Her lacy red panties struggle to contain her luxurious pubic hair, and she pulls them down, until they get wrapped around her toes. With her legs akimbo, Gizela revels in touching her body all over with a massager, from her bare breasts to her soft inner thighs. Getting on all fours with her hips in the air, Gizela reveals the curly hair adorning her anus, while looking alluringly over her shoulder. Then, she enjoys a snack of a bowl of raspberries, which taste even better when she rubs them around her nipples and erotically sucks them from her fingertips. She indulges in more nipple play, by teasing them with an eyelash curler, while flashing a bright smile. Then, she decides that after letting us admire her pussy, she wants to enjoy the view herself, and stands astride a mirror, gazing happily at the intimate reflection between her legs.
AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties
Elegantly beautiful Gizela is enveloped by warm bedsheets, and caresses her body over her pyjamas, which barely cover her peachy bum. She confesses that she usually sleeps naked, and strips down to thong panties. Her fluffy bush overflows from the sides, so she drops them around her ankles. Gizela spends the rest of the video with her legs invitingly open, displaying the soft curls decorating her pink pussy, and telling intimate stories. She recalls getting so aroused sitting near her crush in school, that she had to masturbate in the bathroom. "It was a lot easier to concentrate on the class after that!", she giggles. Gizela rubs raspberries on her bare breasts and then sensually eats them, while describing how excited she gets when her partners tell her they want to touch and lick her body. She adores oral sex, and details how she uses her fingers and tongue to provide pleasure. "I will take my time: I'm not in a rush" she sighs dreamily. "It's my favourite orgasm to give." Gizela recently fulfilled a lifelong fantasy by having her first threesome, and discusses how magical it was to have sex on camera with Adelina and Zina. "It reminds me of a dance, your body moving around the rhythms of these people together!" she declares in a sultry whisper.
AbbyWinters Gizela G - String Panties

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