GirlsWay Lauren Phillips & Kimmy Kimm - Maid For Each Other: The Caught Client - 30 July 2023

30 July 2023
GirlsWay Lauren Phillips & Kimmy Kimm - Maid For Each Other: The Caught Client
A housecleaner, Lauren Phillips, is hard at work. She says out loud to herself that it's a good thing her employers (the couple who owns this house) are away on vacation - Lauren knew that renewing her driver's license this afternoon would take FOREVER, so she rearranged her schedule to clean the house at night instead. As long as the house gets clean, it's not like the owners would ever know! Lauren then enters another room to clean it, but when she flicks on the lights, she gets an eyeful of pussy! It turns out that her employers' teen girl, Kimmy Kimm, was masturbating in the dark. Although Lauren and Kimmy recognize each other, they're both flustered and caught completely by surprise.

Kimmy asks what Lauren is doing here - Kimmy remembered that Lauren only worked during the DAY! Lauren explains that she had an errand to do in the afternoon, so she thought it would be okay to clean at night since nobody would be here. Lauren then asks what Kimmy is doing here - shouldn't she be at college? Kimmy says that she knew her parents were away on vacation this week, so she decided to sneak back home to enjoy some free food and all the other comforts of home - including this room, which is her favorite spot to get... VERY comfortable.

They both agree that it's best if Kimmy's parents don't find out about any of this - they might not approve of Lauren coming and going from the house at all hours of the night, and they definitely wouldn't approve of Kimmy sneaking off from campus to raid the pantry and masturbate. The two of them promise not to tell the parents about any of this. Lauren awkwardly says she DOES have to clean though, and Kimmy jokingly says she has her OWN things to get back to. Lauren says she'll go clean another room so Kimmy can... have some privacy. But Kimmy says that Lauren doesn't have to disrupt her routine for Kimmy's sake. Besides, Kimmy likes to take her time, so it's better not to wait up for her!

Lauren looks surprised, but awkwardly agrees to clean in here. Kimmy reassuringly says they can just ignore each other. But as Lauren works at cleaning the room and Kimmy masturbates, it becomes clear that's easier said than done: Lauren keeps getting distracted by the sight of Kimmy masturbating, and Kimmy keeps getting distracted by the sight of Lauren's ass every time Lauren bends over to clean. It isn't long before the two of them give up - clearly they're both distracted, so they should remedy that! After all, they're already sharing one secret tonight, so why not add another?
GirlsWay Lauren Phillips & Kimmy Kimm - Maid For Each Other: The Caught Client

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