GirlsWay Lauren Phillips, Aften Opal & Leana Lovings - 16 March 2023

16 March 2023
GirlsWay Lauren Phillips, Aften Opal & Leana Lovings
GirlsWay Lauren Phillips, Aften Opal & Leana Lovings - 16 March 2023
A teacher, Lauren Phillips, arrives to supervise two students in detention. She is shocked to see that the troublesome students, Leana Lovings and Aften Opal, are dancing around without a care in the world. Lauren demands that they stop, finding the whole thing to be completely disrespectful. Only homework and studying can be done during detention! However, the students cheekily say they're not breaking any rules, because they're taking a dance class this semester. Lauren is unhappy that the students are exploiting a loophole, but finds herself unable to argue. However, she says she'll be watching the students to make sure they don't push things any further...
The students resume dancing, and decide to mess with Lauren even further. Leana and Aften start dancing in increasingly sexy ways, while Lauren helplessly sputters that this can't POSSIBLY be what they're learning in dance class. Lauren tries to stop the dancing, accidentally touching the students' boobs in the process. Wanting to mess with Lauren some MORE, the students act shocked and indignant. The scandalous students say that if Lauren wants them to forget about her 'awful' behavior, she needs to make it up to them somehow. Lauren begrudgingly agrees, and the students have her take part in their sexy dancing... and more!
GirlsWay Lauren Phillips, Aften Opal & Leana Lovings

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