Ersties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous Shaking - 25 January 2023

25 January 2023
Amanita has a new apartment which she proudly shows to her friend Emma. The bed proves to be so comfy that the pair quickly end up in the middle of a strap-on session - a real first time for curious and very nervous Amanita!
Ersties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous Shaking
First Nervous Shaking, Then Trembling with Lust: Amanita & Emma K.
Art student Amanita experienced terrible stage fright: Hamburg native Amanita has invited Emma K. to her place for an erotic date. However, in the hours leading up to the sexy strap-on adventure, Amanita was way more apprehensively excited than she expected. Emma K., who has lived and loved in Berlin since she was born, felt the same way – she was really nervous, too. Fortunately, the queasy feeling in their bellies quickly turns into butterflies! It's wonderful to hear that they both were able to let go completely and forget about the camera very quickly. The sensual shots of the pair are the best proof of this: Giggly and blushing pecks turn into hot french kissing and finally Amanita opens her thighs to first take Emma's fingers and then a long strap-on...
Ersties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous ShakingErsties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous Shaking
Creative and Kinky: Sparks fly between Amanita & Emma!
Amanita studies art in Hamburg, and although she really enjoys her everyday life there, she is always happy when she receives visitors from the promiscuous German capital. Berlin-based Emma understands her friend’s sentiments very well, and sparks fly between the sexy barista and her hostess...
Ersties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous Shaking
From Make-Up to Make-Out
Emma K. visits Amanita in Hamburg, and the two decide to go to a neighbourhood party together. Emma decides that she wants to give her friend a chic make-up look, but during the make-over, the girls quickly get closer… Their cheeks are flushed as they start kissing excitedly. But soon the girls let go of all inhibitions and covers – and Amanita experiences her very first time with a strap-on!
Ersties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous Shaking
Emma’s Pink Pussy Lips Make Us Weak
While Amanita covers her friend Emma’s beautiful body with kisses and caresses, more and more excitement flows down into Emma's crotch. Her pussy is throbbing and really swollen by the time Amanita starts using a dildo to thrust, gently at first and then harder and harder until she climaxes.
Ersties Emma K & Amanita - First Nervous Shaking

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