GirlsWay Holly Day & Emma Magnolia - Bachelorette Bet - 2 November 2023

2-11-2023, 08:56
GirlsWay Holly Day & Emma Magnolia - Bachelorette Bet
Holly Day, a bride-to-be, is cleaning up after her bachelorette party with her best friend, Emma Magnolia. Holly is super thankful since Emma put together such an amazing party. It truly was one for the ages! But Emma is surprised- did Holly REALLY like this party? From Emma's perspective, nothing really lived up to her expectations, especially the stripper... She SUCKED.

Holly is taken aback- SHE certainly didn't think the stripper was that bad. Holly actually thought she did a pretty good job, all things considered. Emma, however, can't help but snort. That stripper was TERRIBLE. Even EMMA could do a better job dancing than she did. The two of them playfully bicker, until Emma makes Holly a proposition to settle everything once and for all. Emma offers to give Holly a lap dance, and if she manages to turn Holly on more than the stripper did, Holly owes Emma an orgasm.

Holly's a bit scandalized by the idea, especially since she'll be getting married soon... But, then again, she IS pretty confident that she'll win. Holly agrees, sitting in a chair as she waits for Emma to show her some moves. But as Emma bumps and grinds all over Holly's body, things take a turn for the frisky... and before long, it's clear that Holly's resolve is fading. And when the dance is over... you can bet that Holly's ready to give Emma that orgasm she won fair and square.
GirlsWay Holly Day & Emma Magnolia - Bachelorette Bet

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