Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5 - 10 March 2023

16-03-2023, 06:41
For this intense toyboy shoot, Kim shares her boyfriend Leo with the hot Ersties ladies Gabi and Maria, who passionately throw themselves into this foursome and suck everything out of toyboy Leo for their pleasure.
Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5
Sharing is a thing of beauty!
Ersties Girl Kim thinks so too and therefore decides to offer her boyfriend Leo for a new Toyboy Shoot. Maria and Gabi are the two lucky ladies who, together with Kim, are allowed to be served extensively by Toyboy Leo and reward him properly afterward. But before the four of them get hot and wild on the couch in Berlin, Kim and Leo tell us about their feelings, expectations, and previous sex experiences as a couple with other partners while cooking together in their cozy Frankfurt home. While Leo gently kneads the meatballs, he tells us that it will be his first shoot for Ersties and that he has a certain dexterity that will come in handy for this toyboy shoot, because after all, the aim is to make three hungry ladies happy. The next day it's off to Berlin to the Ersties set and after the girls have been allowed to be among themselves, Leo joins them and gets to meet Gabi and Maria and answers a few questions from the two ladies. Afterwards, there is the already famous performer talk with director Karyn, who herself would share her boyfriend immediately without hesitation, because: Sharing is Caring! After that, you can prepare for a toyboy shoot in a beautiful ambiance, with great colors, hot positions, and lots of orgasms, in which the three Ersties girls Kim, Gabi, and Maria take everything they desire from boyfriend toyboy Leo.
Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5 Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5 Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5
A Thrilling Couple's Adventure
This Behind the Scenes begins even before the set, namely at Kim's and Leo's home, where Kim introduces you to her furry flatmates and then talks about their expectations for this Toyboy Shoot with Leo in the kitchen. Strengthened after a good meal, the couple heads to the Ersties set in Berlin the next day, where Gabi and Maria are already waiting to talk about the upcoming shoot, first with Kim alone and then in a group of four with Leo. Everyone agrees that it will be a special and wonderful experience and shows great trust in sharing a partner as a toyboy. Finally, there is the famous performer talk with our Ersties director Karyn, who enchants the set with her open manner and gives the performers the necessary security to throw themselves openly into this special toyboy shoot.
Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5
Toyboy Leo stands at the ready for the Ladies
Toyboy Leo gets to watch the three Ersties girls Kim, Gabi and Maria kiss and strip the clothes off each other's beautiful bodies from the couch at the beginning of this special. Then Kim gives her boyfriend permission to step in and offer his foot massage skills before Leo gets to pleasure Gabi with his tongue first and helps her to an intense orgasm.
Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5
Sharing to the Last Drop
Our "Sharing my Boyfriend" Toyboy Special picks up speed and Maria is now pampered by Toyboy Leo before he pleasures all the girls from behind and is orally rewarded for it. The climax belongs to the couple when Leo jerks off on the back of his girlfriend Kim. But that doesn't stop the two from sharing to the last drop, and Maria enjoys it to the fullest.
Ersties Toyboy Fantasy Special 5

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