Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some - 28 February 2024

28 February 2024
Emma C, Miriam M and Jonte explore the boundaries of a threesome and power play in this tantalising shoot, with Miriam being dominant for the first time, and Jonte diving into his submissive side.
Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some
Two Dom Queens, One Man
It’s a day of exploration, as Emma C is going to teach Miriam M how to dominate their sub, Jonte. Miriam M shares that she is normally submissive, so she’s excited to explore her growing dom side. Emma shares some tips, like starting with some sensation play, and keeping up open communication throughout. Emma has been a dom for three years, and enjoys taking care of her subs, even if there’s pain involved. It’s also Miriam’s first time with BDSM, so she sets her boundaries and no-gos. Jonte doesn’t identify strongly as either dominant or submissive and comes to the realisation during the interview that maybe he’s a switch. He also shares that he gets super turned on when his partner uses him for her pleasure. The three enjoy a sensual power play with Emma leading, and Miriam exerting her dominance for the first time!
Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some
Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some
A Day of Firsts
We catch up with Emma C, an experienced dom, and Miriam M, who’s excited to explore her dominant side for the first time in this shoot. The girls discuss their likes and dislikes, and Emma gives Miriam some tips on how to explore BDSM safely and prioritise both your pleasure and your partner’s. Chatting to Jonte, our sub for this shoot, he tells us that he’s in the process of figuring out whether he’s dominant or submissive and has a bit of a eureka moment as he realises, he may be a switch! Emma expresses how she likes to be physically close to her subs, so they don’t feel lonely with their pain, and asks Miriam about her turn-ons and no-gos. Emma loves having a man on his knees, taking care of her body and massaging her. She also loves the power of pegging someone and hearing them enjoy it.
Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some
Sub for Full Pleasure
Jonte sits on the sofa, waiting patiently for his doms to arrive. Once they enter, Emma C tells him to stand up, and they admire his outfit and his face. They start to strip him off, rubbing his body. Jonte asks if he can touch them back, to which Emma declines, and tells him he has to earn it by doing whatever they tell him to do. Sensually kissing and rubbing him, Emma instructs Jonte to strip Miriam M down to her underwear, suck her toes, and massage her with some oil. Emma blindfolds Jonte, then asks him to show her how he eats Miriam’s pussy, while she uses a whip on him. Miriam and Jonte then caress Emma’s chest, sucking her nipples. Emma asks Miriam if she wants to be fucked by Jonte in doggy style, while Emma lies underneath her. Jonte fucks Miriam while Emma plays with herself.
Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some
Spoil Us Both
Emma C and Miriam M lie back as Jonte switches between the two of them, eating them out and fingering their pussies. The girls then go down on him, taking it in turns to suck his dick and play with it together at the same time. As Jonte and Emma kiss deeply, Miriam sucks Jonte’s dick, and Emma takes over as Miriam holds her hair back. Emma flips over and Jonte slides his dick inside her as she eats Miriam’s pussy. Jonte uses the whip on Emma as he fucks her from behind. Jonte flips over onto his back as Emma rides him, before she goes and finds a strap-on to fuck Miriam with. While fucking Miriam in doggy style, Emma gets fucked by Jonte at the same time. After the action, they all reflect on what they enjoyed, what was new for them, and what they’d try again.
Ersties Emma C & Miriam M - Toyboy 3some

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