AbbyWinters Lissa W & Lorenzo

21 May 2024
AbbyWinters Lissa W & Lorenzo
In their second shoot together, Lissa and Lorenzo share their sweetly playful bond by having a pillow fight and giggling as they run through the park. Lissa happily explains that they adore reading together, watching movies and going to restaurants, and all those activities "usually end with fucking!". As they make out on a picnic blanket, Lissa's eyes dart around furtively when her boyfriend slips one hand down her skintight yoga pants. Having her pussy vigorously stroked, mixed with the thrill of being in public, brings Lissa to the height of ecstasy. Holding Lorenzo close, she cums with breathy cries.

Back home, Lissa poses nude for a portrait, as Lorenzo paints her beautiful features, including her puffy nipples. After Lissa sucks his cock, they make love in the spooning position, before she climbs on top to ride him. With her creampuff bum bouncing, she moans while describing the first time they had sex: they were in an open-top Jeep, so anyone could see. When Lissa bends over to get pounded in doggy, her blissful expressions are filmed intimately, and she announces her intense orgasm. Lorenzo then pulls out and covers Lissa's bottom with a huge load of cum. Curled up in a loving embrace, Lissa shares how excited she gets knowing that people are watching them, and tells Lorenzo, "I love having sex with you!"
AbbyWinters Lissa W & Lorenzo

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ComfortZone 21 May 2024 22:36
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update.
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