AbbyWinters Paisley & Alexandra T - Facesitting - 26 April 2024

1 May 2024
AbbyWinters Paisley & Alexandra T - Facesitting
Freckled blonde Paisley invites her short-haired friend Alexandra to sit on her lap, to learn how to play the keyboard. But when their fingers intertwine on the keys, the lesson is quickly forgotten in favour of sweet kisses and intimate caresses. Paisley is soon topless in jeans, sucking Alexandra's nipples while squeezing her bum over tight denim shorts. Once they're both blissfully nude, Alexandra reclines to watch Paisley lovingly lick her soft shaved pussy, until her whole body tenses up as she's overcome by a burst of pure pleasure. When it's Paisley's turn to be ravished, she opens her legs wide apart to feel Alexandra's tongue lapping her clit, while getting penetrated with two fingers to an intense climax. Then Alexandra climbs atop Paisley's face, and squeezes her perky nipples while luxuriating in sensual attention from her friend's gifted hands and mouth. As a finale, the girls make sultry eye contact while tribbing and touching each other all over. Their wet vulvas melt together until they reach simultaneous orgasms, and they celebrate by exchanging bright smiles as they make out.
AbbyWinters Paisley & Alexandra T - Facesitting AbbyWinters Paisley & Alexandra T - Facesitting AbbyWinters Paisley & Alexandra T - Facesitting
"It feels like we've been friends for ages!" Alexandra declares, cuddling Paisley after they've shared multiple orgasms. "We just had natural chemistry!" Paisley agrees. Their perfect connection shines through from the very beginning, when they compliment each other's adorable freckles. Paisley's attempt to teach Alexandra to play the keyboard doesn't last long before they're both topless and exchanging steamy French kisses and nipple sucking. Alexandra soon nestles her face between Paisley's legs to sensually lap her pussy and stroke her clit. As they make intimate eye contact, Paisley exclaims, "I could watch you all day!" and announces her first blissful climax. "You're already making me cum and you're not even naked!" Paisley giggles. She fixes that by stripping Alexandra's tight denim shorts from her juicy bottom, and pulling down her panties. Gliding her tongue along Alexandra's silky vulva, Paisley sighs, "You taste perfect!" Clit sucking and deep finger penetration drive Alexandra wild with lust, until she moans, "Don't stop, I'm cumming, oh fuck!" A brief nude keyboard performance by Paisley ends when the girls cannot keep their hands off each other. Paisley orgasms again from fingering in doggy, then Alexandra straddles her face to get licked, flushing pink with exquisite pleasure. "I felt like I was drowning in your pussy!" Paisley cries delightedly, and they curl up laughing in a warm embrace.
AbbyWinters Paisley & Alexandra T - Facesitting

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