AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts - 24 November 2023

25-11-2023, 09:37
AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts
Ariella's cheeky grin and sparkling eyes make clear that she's very excited for this shoot. She unzips her tight denim shorts to reveal the waistband of her eggshell blue undies, then offers a cheeky flash of her elegant bra. Reclining in a chair with a teasing expression, she tugs at her lingerie to uncover one pink nipple, then we see she's completely shaved. After stripping down to only her stylish glasses and a floppy sun hat, Ariella nibbles her panties with a bright smile, showing how happy she is to have her clothes off.
AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts
Ariella stands in the nude so we can luxuriate in the fair-skinned beauty of her pert breasts and silky-smooth pussy. Then, she pulls on a pair of sexy fishnet stockings, which accentuate the curves of her round bottom. After getting on her hands and knees to shake her hips, Ariella models a lavender hoodie and nothing else, pushing up her boobs while proudly spreading her legs. Rolling around on the staircase in her birthday suit, she plays with her flowing long hair while gazing endearingly into the camera.
AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts
Soft-spoken Canadian Ariella tells us all about her hiking, skiing and cycling adventures, while wearing a cute summer dress. "I love that it's super-short: I feel like it helps make my legs look longer!" she declares, offering peeks at her bum and her cleavage. "It's really dainty and pretty". She gently eases out of the dress, to uncover her lacy bra and thong panties, then frees her perky breasts. She reveals that her nipples are so sensitive, that she can climax just from having them stroked, then giggles while licking them. As she slips off her undies, Ariella dreamily describes her partner's bright blue eyes and kind personality. Once she's wearing nothing but her bookish blue-framed glasses, Ariella opens her legs so we can admire her neatly shaved pussy. She shares the romantic story of a hike in a snowy forest with her boyfriend, when she stripped off her leggings so they could have sex against a tree. After brushing her cascading brunette hair, Ariella gets on all fours and shares that doggy is her favourite position, because she can feel everything so deeply. "It gives me the biggest orgasms!" she announces with a mischievous laugh, while wiggling her creampuff bottom. Ariella ends the shoot by jumping and twirling around the room with a warm smile, celebrating the joy of being naked.
AbbyWinters Ariella - Round Breasts

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