AbbyWinters Helena R & Sandra S - Shy Touching - 1 May 2023

1-05-2023, 19:58
AbbyWinters Helena R & Sandra S - Shy Touching
AbbyWinters Helena R & Sandra S - Shy Touching - 1 May 2023
Helena and Sandra are swapping travel stories, when Helena shares that she and her boyfriend made love in a castle in Germany, and now it's her fetish. Sandra's eyes light up when she describes a sexy event she attended: "It would have been perfect for you: a fetish party in a castle, for someone with a castle fetish!". Feeling aroused by the steamy chat, the girls take off their t-shirts, and Helena falls instantly in love with Sandra's enormous boobs. "Wow, amazing! Can I touch?" Helena swoons, and Sandra happily replies: "Yes, of course!". Helena looks like she's in heaven, as she cuddles her friend's chest while masturbating. Sandra is just as enthralled by Helena's slender naked body, and glows with lust while observing Helena suck her glass dildo and plunge it into her shaved pussy. The deep penetration makes Helena dripping wet, and her moans echo through the room as she reaches a blissful orgasm. Then, she watches with a cheeky grin as Sandra builds to her own climax, expertly switching hands while stroking her clit, until she's overcome with intense pleasure. "You look so beautiful when you finish!" Helena sighs. "I have to get myself a friend to masturbate with at home!" Sandra replies, then asks for a goodbye kiss that Helena is delighted to give her.
AbbyWinters Helena R & Sandra S - Shy Touching

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ComfortZone 1 May 2023 22:46
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update. Two girls masturbating in a room and watching how they masturbate is my fetish innocent
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