AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard - 19 April 2023

19-04-2023, 17:04
AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard
AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard - 19 April 2023
April and Andres adored making love on camera during their visit to Europe, so they've decided to film themselves doing it again at home, in Colombia. They frolic in a park with their dog and cat, and kiss by a waterfall in their swimsuits. "Everything is special at the river!" April declares back at the flat, unzipping her boyfriend's trousers. Her eyes sparkle as she feels Andres get hard in her mouth, and they reminisce about the time she gave him blowjob in a traffic jam. While passionately sucking his balls, April strips off her panties to masturbate, then gives him a knowing look and exclaims: "Come to the bed!".
AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard
As Andres thrusts his dick deep inside her, April moans: "Kiss my tits, baby! Oh, it's so delicious!". While fucking in the spooning position, they recall having sex in a salt cave, and trying not to get caught by tourists. April's bright smile turns to blissful cries, when she strokes her clit to orgasm. Andres then flips her over to tenderly lick her anus, and overwhelms her with lust, when he plunges his cock back into her pussy. Drenched in sweat, the lovers cum at the same time, then snuggle up. "I feel so, so happy!" April sighs. "It was an incredible experience!"
AbbyWinters Andres & April - Postcard

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ComfortZone 19 April 2023 21:55
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update.
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