AbbyWinters Ally D - Vigorous Stroking - 20 March 2023

20-03-2023, 15:19
AbbyWinters Ally D - Vigorous Stroking
AbbyWinters Ally D - Vigorous Stroking - 20 March 2023
Ally's sofa is completely covered in magazines, and she flips through them in a tiny top that's barely a strip of fabric across her curvy chest. She can't resist pulling it down to cuddle her breasts, then reaches up her skirt to rub over her panties. Ally looks down as her fluffy bush spills from the sides, and teases out the long hair. Once she's naked, she gets on all fours with her bum in the air, and rests her head on the pillow to touch herself. Ally then lays back with her legs akimbo, giving us a perfect view of each loving stroke she gives her pussy. She holds her labia open with one hand, so she can use the fingers on the other hand to massage her clit, and she gets wet as her excitement builds. When she's on the edge of cumming, exquisite pleasure makes her whole body tense up, and her big boobs jiggle. At last, Ally explodes with orgasmic release, and as she moans in ecstasy, her curled toes and writhing legs make the magazines clatter to the floor.
AbbyWinters Ally D - Vigorous Stroking

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ComfortZone 20 March 2023 23:36
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update.
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