AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string - 9 March 2023

11 March 2023
AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string
AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string - 9 March 2023
Claudia's zest for life lights up the screen, as she strikes playful poses in a midriff-baring top and cutoff shorts that hug her shapely hips. After slipping off her bra, she giggles while placing hair clips on her perky nipples, then kicks off her shorts to display her thong. Claudia pulls down her panties and cheekily places them atop her head, then tosses them across the room, revealing that she's perfectly shaved. While modelling a skintight minidress and elegant pink lingerie, she flashes her boobs and pussy, then revels in being completely naked.
AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string
Claudia stands against the wall and perches one foot on a shelf, beaming into the camera as she's photographed from below. When she lays down on the floor, while resting her hips on the bed, she opens her legs wide to uncover her tampon string. Claudia shows off the tan lines on her hourglass figure, wearing only a cap from her native country of Peru. Then, heads to the kitchen and stands on the counter, to look through the cupboard, gazing over her shoulder as we admire her bubble butt.
AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string
Claudia moved from Peru to Florida when she was little, and loves embracing her Hispanic heritage with salsa dancing. She gives a mesmerising performance wearing a bra and tight denim shorts, and shakes her hips, as she feels the rhythm. "My greatest asset is my butt!" she declares. "A lot of people ask me if it's fake, but no, it's definitely real!". She jiggles it in her thong panties, then strips them off to lovingly caress each round cheek. Holding her tan-lined breasts, Claudia explains that: "I'm very comfortable with my body", so she enjoys getting naked with friends, and her new job as an exotic dancer. As she relaxes with her legs akimbo, to display her perfectly shaved pussy, Claudia shares vivid stories about her sexual adventures. She recalls learning to masturbate with her best friend, as they watched porn together, and shared tips about what feels best. A boyfriend helped her indulge her kinky roleplay fantasies, with deeply arousing results: "He's actually an amazing actor! I felt like it was real!". Claudia sensually massages lotion into her bare feet, then gets filmed from below, while pointing a fan between her legs, so her tampon string flutters in the breeze. Then she announces: "Welcome to Claudia's fitness extravaganza!" and begins an impressively energetic nude workout.
AbbyWinters Claudia V - Tampon string

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