AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted - 18 October 2022

18-10-2022, 23:17
AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted
AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted - 18 October 2022
Curvaceous new model Paige strolls through her neighbourhood in a very short skirt, which she can't resist flipping up to offer a peek at her lacy panties. Once she's in her bedroom, she changes into some tight shorts that hug her big booty. Then, she strips them off, to hang out wearing nothing but colourful socks and a bra that her cleavage spills out of. She grabs her ankles to open her legs wide apart and reveal her neatly shaved pussy, then enjoys some bottomless exercises.
AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted
Paige demonstrates her pole-dancing skills by suspending herself in mid-air and doing the splits, then puts on her gloves to share her love of kickboxing. At last, she gets completely naked, rests her hands on her head with a sweet smile, and lets us admire her huge boobs and pale pink nipples. Paige gets out a brush and covers her juicy bottom with paint, then sits on a sheet of paper. She happily admires the unique artwork she's created, while adding a few finishing touches.
AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted
"The most interesting thing that I've learned about life in New York City is just to expect the unexpected!" friendly new model Paige declares, and details the wild and revealing outfits she's seen on the street. She gets in on the fun by offering cheeky upskirt peeks on her doorstep, then heads inside to uncover all of her curvy figure. She takes her panties off and describes how she discovered masturbation with a vibrating neck pillow, then twerks her bouncy booty. Squeezing her voluptuous breasts, she giggles and shares how much she loves them: "I'm a definite fan of my boobs, for sure! I don't think I could have asked for better ones!". Paige is passionate about sport, and displays her skills in the nude. She puts on a pole-dancing show that includes spreading her legs high in the air to reveal her shaved pussy. Then, she jiggles all over while jumping rope, and delivering powerful Muay Thai boxing punches and kicks. Paige sweetly describes her first time with a girl, when she and a friend decided to practice together before trying a threesome: "We started making out, and then we were having sex, and it was great!". After painting a picture using her ample bottom as the brush, Paige holds up her handiwork and brightly announces: "This was so much fun!".
AbbyWinters Paige E - Large Breasted

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