AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex - 15 March 2023

17 March 2023
AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex
AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex - 15 March 2023
Paige prepares breakfast for her boyfriend Feivel, while wearing only a robe over her elegant lingerie. She decides to add a special treat to the meal by cheekily slipping her tiny thong panties around her ankles, and placing them atop the food. Feivel showers her with kisses when he finds them, while caressing her Rubenesque curves. Paige then kneels before him to unzip his jeans and take his long cock down her throat, while making lustful eye contact.
AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex
The lovers both pleasure each other with their mouths in 69, before Paige climbs on top to ride him, with a bright smile. As they fuck, her big boobs bounce and her perfectly smooth pussy gets dripping wet. When Paige rolls onto all fours so Feivel can take her from behind, he lovingly places his hands on her hips. They moan in shared ecstasy as they reach orgasm at the same time, and he cums inside her. Laughing with delight, they curl up to sweetly make out.
AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex
Paige and Feivel have been together for three years and enjoy attending sex-positive events, so they're thrilled to share their love on camera. "This is a bucket list item!" Feivel declares, and Paige eagerly agrees: "We've wanted to do this for a while!". She sets the playful tone by garnishing Feivel's breakfast with her lacy panties, inspiring him to tickle her, as he strips off her robe. Paige kneels on the floor and gazes into her boyfriend's eyes during a passionate blowjob, before he takes her to bed and worships her pussy with his mouth. Paige flushes bright red and cries out as Feivel's tongue gives her an earthshaking orgasm. After they moan together in a sultry 69, Paige takes control and straddles Feivel. Her thick booty jiggles as she rides him, and her luxuriously curvy figure looks even sexier when she turns around in the reverse cowgirl position. With her voluptuous boobs bouncing, Paige throws her head back, feeling every inch of Feivel's hard cock deep inside her. For the finale, she gets on all fours to get fucked from behind, until he fills her pussy with cum. After it drips out, they curl up for more tickles and giggles. "It felt really great to just be our natural little silly selves!" Feivel declares, as Paige glows next to him.
AbbyWinters Fievel & Paige E - Oral Sex

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