AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga - 28 June 2022 (1080p)

28-06-2022, 16:15
AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga
AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga - 28 June 2022 (1080p)
Yoga enthusiast Lila is excited to spend all of her first shoot enjoying her favourite activity, and begins with some stretches in her form-fitting trousers and tank top. She slowly sheds her clothes, and performs some flexible poses in various states of undress. After slipping off her shirt to reveal her perky breasts, she enjoys some topless lunges with her hands over her head. Once she's down to her saffron-coloured cotton panties, which offer a lovely hint of camel toe, she gets on all fours to wiggle her firm bottom. Then, Lila's knickers come off, and she giggles as she playfully stretches them across her boobs. While standing the nude, to reveal the soft sprinkle of hair adorning her pussy, she bends over backwards in an impressive yoga bridge position, and moves into the downward dog pose. Then, she moves through the flat, watering her plants in her natural state, and snapping fun naked selfies with a glittering smile. As she curls up with her knitting, Lila keeps a little ball of yarn between her legs, to stay covered up in this gentle nude debut.
AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga
Lila's flat is filled with leafy green plants, because she loves connecting with nature and being surrounded by living things. "They really have their own personality, and they're just like friends to me!" she explains, slipping off her trousers to reveal her comfy cotton knickers. Putting on headphones, to listen to her favourite DJ set, Lila shares her passion for dancing and shakes her round bum. While sensually removing her top and pulling down her panties, she describes her adventures travelling to tropical places around the world, including Australia and South America. I really like my boobs! I always get a lot of compliments on them", Lila declares. She caresses their lush softness, then massages oil into her perky nipples. Laying on her side, she does leg lift exercises, which accentuate the soft patch of curls decorating her pussy. Then, Lila stands naked and prepares for an invigorating round of yoga, which provides a perfect way to admire the beauty of her graceful body. She raises her arms above her head, performs lunges, and displays her flexibility by getting into the yoga bridge position. After that she shows us how she relaxes by knitting socks in the nude. "It's like meditation", she sighs serenely. "It really calms me down."
AbbyWinters Lila B - Naked Yoga

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lind0627 28 June 2022 18:27
Download links do not appear to work. Daofile is as useless as ever ("only available for premium users") and tez does not even pretend to offer download, only links to find out that I am not subscribed.
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