AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing - 8 March 2023

10-03-2023, 18:51
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing - 8 March 2023
Golden blonde Bianca and curly-haired brunette Dalilah make a striking pair as they stand side by side in spandex shorts. Their soft kisses get more intense as they squeeze each other's curvy bottoms, and they tumble onto the sofa. Once they're overcome with arousal from nipple sucking and slipping hands down shorts to stroke, the girls eagerly undress. Dalilah spreads her legs and invites Bianca to bury her face between them, and they make steamy eye contact amidst the sensual licking.
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing
As Bianca stands in a g-string, Dalilah's eyes light up as she tugs it to the side and discovers that her friend's dangling labia resembles her own. Tenderly pulling them with her mouth, as she sucks, Dalilah savours the taste of Bianca's pussy and smiles as she cries out in ecstasy. The girls lavish each other with pleasure in a passionate 69, then, need to feel their smooth vulvas rub together while tribbing. They celebrate their shared climaxes while making out with their nipples kissing, and drift off to sleep together on the floor.
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing
Dalilah teaches Bianca how to twirl strings with balls on the end, and the sensation of her friend's gentle hands guiding her wrists makes Bianca's nipples harden through her tight top. The girls begin sharing tenderly romantic kisses as they caress and undress each other, rubbing under tight shorts and squeezing soft breasts. Dalilah is the first to get completely naked, and reclines with her legs open to offer her smooth vulva to Bianca, who passionately licks it. While sliding her fingers in and out, a warm smile lights up Bianca's face as Dalilah's mewls of pleasure build to an explosive climax. Bianca is still wearing her transparent g-string panties, so Dalilah eagerly pulls them down, then falls instantly in love with her friend's pussy. "You have great labia! They're long and very soft and meaty" she sighs, and revels in twisting, spreading and sucking them. Bianca stands and smiles down adoringly as Dalilah explores between her legs, then the girls move into a steamy 69 so they can taste each other. Bianca shuts her eyes tight and rides cascading waves of pleasure from Dalilah's mouth. Next, they grind their hips while tribbing, savouring the intimate feeling of their sticky vulvas melting together.
AbbyWinters Bianca B & Dalilah - Tribbing

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