AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings - 8 October 2022 (4k/photo)

8-10-2022, 17:51
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings - 8 October 2022 (4k/photo)
Alexandra tosses her bottle cap collection in the air with a cheeky dimpled grin, then slips one of them into the waistband of her bright red stockings. When she sits with her legs akimbo, it becomes clear that she's not wearing panties, and her silky-smooth vulva is visible through the fabric. She offers teasing glimpses of her curvy figure by lifting up her top, for a display of underboob, while tugging her stockings down past her hips. Twisting and stretching her clothes as she wriggles out of them, she at last reclines nude on the bed, with her legs wide open.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings
Alexandra cuddles her adorable plush unicorn and makes it kiss her pale pink nipples, then gets on all fours with her hips in the air. She happily gazes over her shoulder, while showing off her round bum and neat anus, then stands up and straddles the camera. While her immaculate pussy is shot from below, Alexandra beams into the camera with her brightest smile of the shoot. Then, she slips on a pair of sunglasses and lays back to use her naked body as a display case for the bottle caps, arraying them on her breasts, thighs and bare toes.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings
Alexandra looks stylish in her button-down shirt and long red stockings, while discussing her passion for collecting. She's amassed thousands of bottle caps since she was six years old, and excitedly displays her latest additions. She also adores old coins, and found some that have been turned into jewellery, which she uses to tug at her shirt and rub her lush pink nipples. Sitting topless, she playfully pulls up her stockings, stretching the sheer fabric over her full breasts, and revealing that she's not wearing panties. She strips off the stockings and opens her legs, offering a clear view of her immaculately smooth pussy with a proud grin. Alexandra massages lotion into her bare feet and gets on her hands and knees with her peachy bum in the air. Blissfully nude, she regales us with the romantic story of a night out with a female friend, where a sushi dinner led to them making out under the stars. The sight of two cute short-haired girls sharing public displays of affection attracted curious onlookers. "And I will never forget the moment she leaned over and whispered into my ear: 'Shall we go back to your place?' ", Alexandra exclaims. As she vividly details the fun they had with strap-ons, and their loving cuddles in the afterglow, her eyes light up at the sweet memories.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Red Stockings

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