AbbyWinters Maya B. 20 years - Perky Breasts - 19 July 2022 (1080p)

19-07-2022, 17:57
AbbyWinters Maya B. Perky Breasts
AbbyWinters Maya B. Perky Breasts - 19 July 2022 (1080p)
Wearing a necktie over her t-shirt, Maya gazes into the camera with her striking blue eyes, as she lifts up her skirt to provide a teasing peek. She playfully uses the tie to blindfold herself, while stripping down to a comfy sports bra and floral print cotton knickers. She climbs a stepladder after slipping off her panties, highlighting her curvy bum, then removes her bra at the top, to uncover her pert breasts. Maya stands in the nude so we can admire all of her beauty, from her blond ponytail, down to the neatly trimmed curls adorning her pussy, and her soft bare feet. Then, she cheekily dangles a necklace from one hard nipple and puts her skirt back on, but only so she can let the fan blow up it, cooling her off, as she giggles with delight. After strumming her ukulele naked on the couch, Maya blows us a sweet kiss goodbye.
AbbyWinters Maya B. 20 years - Perky Breasts AbbyWinters Maya B. 20 years - Perky Breasts AbbyWinters Maya B. 20 years - Perky Breasts
Maya's heartfelt voice fills the air as she sings a song she wrote, while accompanying herself with her tablet's keyboard app. She explains that she's played piano for almost 20 years, then removes her t-shirt, so she's wearing a necktie over her sports bra. She has fun blindfolding herself with the tie, then takes off her skirt and adjusts her comfy panties, which have a few curls of hair escaping from the sides. She reveals all of her petite figure by standing nude on a stepladder, then discusses her romantic interests. "I'm a bisexual person, but I prefer more girls" she shares, her crystal blue eyes twinkling. After draping a necklace over her perky breasts, Maya reads us a romantic letter she's written to the cute Norwegian girl she's seeing, to reveal that she's fallen in love with her. "She's exactly the girl I dreamed I wanted!", Maya announces. Then, she shyly explains why they're a perfect couple: "She loves sex so much, like me! It's really important to me, because I love sex with all my soul!". Maya puts on her favourite perfumes, and rubs aromatic oils into her pubic hair, sharing that she loves compliments on how delicious she smells. Then, she picks up her ukulele and gives another soulful musical performance, gazing alluringly into the camera, as she sings in the nude.
AbbyWinters Maya B. Perky Breasts

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