AbbyWinters Karine & Maya B - Shyly Watching Eachother - 8 August 2023

8-08-2023, 19:07
AbbyWinters Karine & Maya B - Shyly Watching Eachother
As Maya enjoys a snack, pigtailed redhead Karine flirtatiously attempts to catch her eye, by letting one strap of her tank top fall off her shoulder. When she holds an orange in front of her curvy chest, Maya giggles, "It's like your boobs!". That inspires both girls to lift up their shirts and happily caress each other's bare breasts. When they move to the sofa, Karine asks alluringly: "Can you tell me about your fantasy?". "I can't think right now!" Maya murmurs, tugging at Karine's shorts. So they decide to let their bodies do the talking, and masturbate together. Stripping off their panties to reveal matching smooth vulvas, the girls hold hands and start stroking. Karine sensually describes girl-girl porn she watched with her boyfriend, and her moans echo through the room when she reaches orgasm first. Maya watches in awe, her eyes darting from her friend's face to her pussy. "You're done? I can't make it so fast!" Maya breathlessly exclaims. So Karine helps Maya cum by teasing her nipples, nuzzling her blonde hair, and softly whispering: "Oh, my sweetie!". After Maya is overcome with a blissful release, the girls curl up in a satisfied embrace.
AbbyWinters Karine & Maya B - Shyly Watching Eachother

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ComfortZone 9 August 2023 01:33
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters intimate moments update.
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