AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Delfine Watching Friend - 18 April 2022 (1080p)

19-04-2022, 00:52
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Delfine Watching Friend
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Delfine Watching Friend - 18 April 2022 (1080p)
From the moment Alexandra and Delfine begin chatting about their masturbation techniques and shared love of multiple orgasms, it's clear that they feel very comfortable together, and excited to explore. "Should we continue the conversation with our shirts off?", Alexandra asks with a cheeky grin, and they eagerly caress each other's bare breasts. Delfine looks so lovely sitting topless in jeans, that Alexandra can't resist playfully leaning over to unbutton her trousers. Once they're nude, the girls admire the contrast between Alexandra's silky-smooth pussy and Delfine's neat bush, then get lost in dreamy arousal, as they touch themselves. "It's like having real live porn in front of you!", Alexandra giggles. "This is the best way to masturbate" Delfine replies. She climaxes first, tensing up as she's overcome with a burst of pure pleasure, then watches Alexandra's blissful release with a dazzling smile. The girls agree that masturbating together is a brilliant way to meet a new person, and make plans to start doing it on first dates. "Do you want to do one more orgasm?" Alexandra asks, and Delfine is thrilled. They get so turned on gazing between each other's open legs, that they cum very quickly, at the exact same time. "It feels like we've been friends for years now!" Alexandra exclaims, and Delfine beams happily at her in the afterglow.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Delfine Watching Friend

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