AbbyWinters Wendy T - Nude Girls - 29 March 2022 (1080p/photo)

29-03-2022, 19:57
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Outdoors Wendy T
AbbyWinters Wendy T - Nude Girls - 29 March 2022 (1080p/photo)
Wavy-haired Australian Wendy awakens from a nap in a t-shirt and cotton panties with a little rip in the front. As she gazes out at the city skyline from the window, she slips off her top, while her knickers hug her curvy bottom. Wendy then relaxes nude in bed with her legs akimbo, caressing her bare breasts and stroking her perfectly smooth pussy. She spreads her labia and flashes a bright smile, as she reveals how wet she's getting. After plunging two fingers deep inside, she uses a suction vibrator to reach a rewarding orgasm. A close-up photo of Wendy's flushed face immortalises her moment of release. After putting on a miniskirt and a halter top, Wendy heads out to the countryside. Her clothes quickly fall away again, so she can feel the sunshine on her perky breasts. Her hands drift between her legs, as she leans against a fallen tree, and she touches herself and spreads her bum cheeks wide apart. Then, Wendy opens her legs and pees on the ground, looking into the camera with a delighted grin.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Outdoors Wendy T
On the road in her convertible, charismatic Australian girl Wendy excitedly feels the wind through her hair. "There's nothing like driving with the top down!" she proclaims, cheekily lowering her shirt to free her soft breasts. After arriving at the park, she has a satisfying pee in the sunshine, then settles in to undress and share sexy stories. Wendy vividly recalls having sex with her boyfriend on a park bench, and feeling his cum drip out of her, as they hurriedly walked past people to get away. She also describes the joy of seeing her girlfriends naked for the first time while skinny dipping, and swoons over one girl's perfect boobs and thick bush. Wendy displays her panties up her skirt, then slips them off for an intimate tour of her smooth vulva and long labia. "I have a great pussy, which I'm very proud of!" she declares. Reclining with her legs open against a fallen tree in the shade, she plunges two fingers deep inside and strokes her clit to a breathy orgasm. Afterwards, she celebrates with a nude frolic through the park, running, doing pushups and showing off her ballet skills. Amid an Aussie snack of Vegemite, with kangaroos watching, Wendy reveals that the shoot combined her two favourite things: "I enjoy getting off and I enjoy making other people happy!"
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Outdoors Wendy T

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