TheLifeErotic Melisa - Erotic Suction 2

5 June 2024
TheLifeErotic Melisa - Erotic Suction 2
Hot blonde Melisa is gazing out a bedroom window, flaunting toned curves in a net micro-minidress. She closes the drapes, then lies on the bed caressing her body through the mesh. Next, she retrieves a device from the nightstand – a suction pump with a transparent cup – and lowers her dress to bare perfect natural breasts. She tests the pump on one of her tits, sucking her creamy flesh into the cup then releasing it, light rose-pink with a visible white mark from the rim. Satisfied with this experiment, she sprawls back, thighs splayed, and positions it on her shaved pussy. The camera homes in on her face – skin glowing, moist lips pouting and pale-blue eyes glittering as she operates the vacuum – then moves to her crotch. Her folds are puffy and engorged. She pops off then reapplies the pump a couple times, then sinks her fingers into her gloriously swollen snatch. It’s super-sensitive and she moans as she plows it hard and relentless, pausing only to grind her digits on her clit. With one bare foot in the air to stretch herself open, she pumps her pussy again – and the cup mists up from her wetness. Melisa’s pert rack quivers as she masturbates. Her digits slam her snatch, cramming deep inside of it, and her face is a portrait of erotic ecstasy as she crests the brink of a climax. Spinning so the pillows elevate her ass, she moans louder. Then she perches atop the headboard, body arched as she fingerbangs herself from a new angle. Shot upskirt, she frigs then pumps herself one final time – all it takes to get her cumming within seconds. She continues to touch herself, prolonging her orgasm, then relaxes on the bed, stretching her long legs and stroking her beautiful body. As she drifts back down to earth, she casts contented glances at the camera…
TheLifeErotic Melisa - Erotic Suction 2

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