TheLifeErotic Aurelia - Up Against The Clock 2 - 1 March 2024

1 March 2024
TheLifeErotic Aurelia - Up Against The Clock 2
It’s an overcast day in Berlin but tattooed Latvian brunette Aurelia has a sure-fire way to cheer herself up – a solo-sex quickie. Barefoot, she pads through her apartment and kneels on her unmade bed, wearing a revealing black minidress that barely contains her large breasts. Lying back, she strokes her manicured hands over her creamy curves and unfastens the zipper. Now naked, she kneads her globes and teases her nipples before reaching between her thighs to rub her trimmed pussy. Sun shines in through her window, lifting her mood even higher as she works a pink vibrator along her slit. She is focussed, conscious of the time, of needing to be somewhere else within the next hour or so – but even if she finds herself running late, she will not rush her self-pleasure. Next, she inserts the shaft and plows her snatch rhythmically, knees splaying then coming together as a buzzing clit-tickler hits the spot. Then she kneels doggy-style with her head bowed low and her ass in the air, gyrating as she screws herself deep. Lounging on one side with one leg raised, she pistons the toy in and out. Soon, Aurelia begins to bang herself harder and faster – not to beat the clock but simply because this is what she needs to cum. Head tossed back and big tits quivering she pounds her wet pussy, rocking and bucking on the sheets as her orgasm approaches. Letting out an ecstatic whimper she switches hands, taking the vibe with new vigor and from a fresh angle, which finally sends her over the brink. Satisfied, she lies back, writhing on the bed and caressing the voluptuous contours of her body – and for a few precious moments it feels like time is standing still…
TheLifeErotic Aurelia - Up Against The Clock 2

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