TheLifeErotic Adel Morel - Pomade 2 - 29 January 2024

29 January 2024
TheLifeErotic Adel Morel - Pomade 2
Sultry brunette Adele Morel is sitting on a large couch, wearing sheer burgundy lingerie and a kinky leather fetish mask with rabbit ears. Using her phone as a mirror, she applies red liquid lipstick to her pout. As she admires herself, she caresses her perfect body with elegantly manicured hands, and slips off her panties to reveal her shaved pussy. Sprawling back with her beautiful breasts freed from her bra, she uses the lip paint to create a bold design on her mound. Again her hands roam, this time smearing the still-wet color all over her crotch. Moaning, she teases her clit, grinding and circling her fingers over it as she writhes and humps on the couch. Her free hand cups a breast, squeezing the erect pink nipple between two fingers as she continues to masturbate and undulate. As her pleasure grows her moans get louder, and she spreads the crimson patch even further over her skin. Next, with her legs bent double, ass hanging off of the edge of her seat, and bare feet on a low table, she bucks against her digits. Adele is close to orgasm but not quite there yet, even as her body trembles on the brink. She lies back and the camera moves from her flat, toned belly and crotch to her ecstatic face, as she grits her teeth and purses her pillowy lips. Another sharp close-up of her pussy as her fingers flash over her pink, and her free hand reaches around to grab her ass and thigh. Her tits get more attention as she hits the home stretch, frigging herself frantically. At last, as she cries out in high, screaming gasps, she cums. She snaps her legs together around her hand, pinning it place, then splays them as her orgasm fades. As the movie ends, she is already stroking her snatch again…
TheLifeErotic Adel Morel - Pomade 2

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