TheLifeErotic Pollie Starr - In And Out - 21 January 2024

21 January 2024
TheLifeErotic Pollie Starr - In And Out
It’s sunset in the city and Pollie Star, a horny tattooed babe with a neat brunette bob and cute glasses, has already begun a night of kinky solo sex. We find her totally absorbed in blowing a large dildo – a mock-cock dotted with bumps for extra pleasure. Her mouth stretches wide open to take the bulbous head as she wraps both of her manicured hands around the girth. As she sucks on it, we see it is the business end of a sex machine. A full-body shot reveals Pollie sitting on the floor, thighs splayed, dressed in a sporty red tank teddy and matching knee-high socks, with the industrial-looking machine between her legs. After a few minutes she lounges back in an armchair, and caresses her slim body through her tight clothing before popping open her teddy-crotch. She masturbates her shaved pussy, grinding her pink with her fingers and the dildo. Then, with it inserted and the machine switched on, she lounges back and submits to a slow, powerful pounding. Her snatch is audibly slurping wet, and her butterfly lips seem to flutter around the shaft with each thrust. With both hands free, she gives her small, natural breasts some attention. Then, stripped down to just her socks, she kneels to take the toy doggy-style. Moaning, she reaches back, long nails raking her cheeks as she parts them, and her tight, puffy-rimmed asshole winks in sympathy as the dildo plows her pussy, tireless and relentless. A mirror reflects the ecstatic look on her face. Next, Pollie sprawls on her side for a fresh angle. She has dialed up the speed, and the shaft is a blur as it penetrates her wet folds. As it hits a sweet spot deep inside of her she whimpers, and orgasms around it. The machine slows to a halt and she finishes as she started, sucking on the dildo with relish as she savors the taste of her cum…
TheLifeErotic Pollie Starr - In And Out

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