TheLifeErotic Mari Galore - Turn Me On 2 - 3 September 2023

3-09-2023, 11:54
TheLifeErotic Mari Galore - Turn Me On 2
Sexy Mari Galore, a hot brunette with an extensive tattoo collection, is in kinky kitty mode. Kneeling on her bed and wielding a riding crop, she is wearing a corset, lace gloves and garter, tiny thong and leather cat-girl mask. She licks the whip with her pierced tongue, then lays gentle spanks on her erect, pierced nipples before cupping and massaging her small, perfect breasts.

With feline grace, she arches her body and swishes her long hair. Then she begins to masturbate through her panties, which ride up between the puffy lips of her shaved pussy. She flaunts her ass doggy-style, then lies back and saws her thong against her slit before removing it. Now, her manicured fingers can probe freely, and she moans out loud as they pound and explore her snatch.

She sucks on her juice-wet digits, gagging slightly as she takes them deep into her throat and drenches them – and her face – with sticky strings of drool. She fingerbangs her mouth, then lubes her snatch with saliva, plowing and strumming her pink. Eager to stay in control she slows things down, then goes again.

Mari lies back, knees bent and resting on her bare feet with her ass raised clear of the bed. Spit-lubing her pussy again, she circles her clit with inked, polished fingertips, shot in sharp close-up. Then she screws herself for a few frenzied moments before caressing her beautiful, slim curves.

On all fours once more, she switches on a large wand vibrator and buzzes her pink. Then, moaning loudly and talking dirty, she wedges the toy between the sheets and her crotch to buck and hump on it hands-free, cheeks and thighs quivering. She raises it to her mouth, blowing spit bubbles as she lubes it for one final grind, then, rolling on her back, she climaxes. Her orgasm is prolonged and intense – as the movie ends, she is still cumming…
TheLifeErotic Mari Galore - Turn Me On 2

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