GirlsWay Alexis Tae & Anna Claire Clouds - Selfie Spy

2 May 2024
GirlsWay Alexis Tae & Anna Claire Clouds - Selfie Spy
Two roommates, Alexis Tae and Anna Claire Clouds, are hanging out. Anna is getting ready for a date, while Alexis laments that she hasn't had ANY luck getting dates lately. Anna says that Alexis is a beautiful woman, so maybe the problem is with Alexis's dating profile. Grabbing Alexis's phone, Anna takes a look at Alexis's dating profile and says she sees the problem... Alexis's dating profile picture sucks! Alexis agrees to try taking more flattering selfies for her dating profile, though Anna tries to kick her out of the room since she wants to change. Alexis argues that this room has the best lighting in the house, so Anna ends up agreeing that Alexis can stay in the room as long as she faces the other way while Anna changes. Alexis prepares to take selfies, but stops when she sees Anna getting changed in the background through her cell phone camera. She sneakily watches Anna through the phone camera, not taking any photos but simply admiring how gorgeous and sexy Anna looks. Anna finally catches Alexis watching and calls her out. Alexis tries to deny it, claiming she was only using the phone to take selfies for her dating profile. Anna grabs the phone and checks, seeing that Alexis definitely didn't take any new photos, selfies or otherwise. Alexis admits to having an attraction to Anna, who reveals that the feeling is mutual. Now that they're BOTH turned on, Anna says that she doesn't need to go on her date anymore... because she'd rather have fun with Alexis!
GirlsWay Alexis Tae & Anna Claire Clouds - Selfie Spy

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