GirlsWay Emma Hix & Blake Blossom - Nuts About Her Coworker - 18 April 2024

18 April 2024
GirlsWay Emma Hix & Blake Blossom - Nuts About Her Coworker
Blake Blossom and her coworker Emma Hix are having lunch together at work, which they like to do every day. Blake is eating her favorite lunch: a salad that has nuts in it. Blake offers Emma a bite of her meal, saying the nuts make it extra delicious. However, Emma reveals that she can't eat nuts because she's allergic to them. Blake becomes apologetic and concerned, asking if she's putting Emma at risk by eating nuts near her. But Emma reassuringly says that her allergy isn't THAT strong - she'll be okay as long as she doesn't get any traces of nuts in her mouth, or swallow them. The next time Blake and Emma are having lunch together, Blake has the same kind of salad, but without nuts. Emma notices, and asks Blake why she doesn't have nuts. Blake gets a bit evasive, and Emma realizes that Blake must have purposefully ordered the salad without nuts. Emma says Blake doesn't have to stop eating nuts on Emma's behalf, joking that it's not like they're going to kiss or anything. Blake looks sheepish and admits that she actually has a crush on Emma, so Blake decided to stop eating nuts just in case they DO ever kiss. Emma is charmed, and says Blake's sacrifice shouldn't be in vain. Blake hesitates, but Emma assures Blake that she really wants to kiss her. They kiss, which then leads to having sex right there in the office... best lunch break ever!
GirlsWay Emma Hix & Blake Blossom - Nuts About Her Coworker

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