MommysGirl River Lynn & Sophia Locke - Maybe I Like Girls - 10 February 2024

10 February 2024
MommysGirl River Lynn & Sophia Locke - Maybe I Like Girls
River Lynn has completed her first year of college, and now she's back home to visit her stepmom, Sophia Locke. River says that she has something to talk about, and admits that she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Sophia is sympathetic and also concerned, asking if her boyfriend was mean to her. Thankfully, River assures Sophia that it wasn't anything bad like that - River just felt that the relationship wasn't right for her. Sophia is relieved, but also curious as to what River wanted to talk about. River explains that there's a GIRL at school who seems interested in her. River says she thinks she likes girls too, and the girl who's interested in her is really pretty. However, River's never actually been in a relationship with a girl before, so she's just not sure what to do. As luck would have it, Sophia actually had relationships with girls back when she was in college... something her husband doesn't know about! Sophia offers to give River some pointers, so she'll be more comfortable in starting a relationship with her schoolmate. River is surprised but also eager to learn, so Sophia offers to start things slowly. Sophia guides River through kissing, and then Sophia pulls down the top of her dress so River can get used to touching and squeezing another woman's breasts. This is shaping up to be a very thorough lesson!
MommysGirl River Lynn & Sophia Locke - Maybe I Like Girls

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