TrueLesbian Ana Foxxx & Alexis Tae - Back In Town - 17 September 2023

18 September 2023
TrueLesbian Ana Foxxx & Alexis Tae - Back In Town
Sidney (Alexis Tae) is back living with her parents after her first semester away at college. Life's been a bit rough for her since she broke up with her toxic girlfriend and she's hoping some time away will help her move on. That's when she decides to get back out there by going to a neighborhood party.
After Sidney arrives, she sees Dani (Ana Foxxx) and is instantly mesmerized by her. Dani's so full of life and impossibly beautiful, making it very hard for Sidney to think of anyone but her.
When Dani later approaches Sidney when she's alone, it's revealed that they vaguely knew each other in high school but ran in completely different social circles. Sidney can't shake the feeling that Dani may be flirting with her but it's hard to tell and she doesn't exactly want to risk getting hurt again so soon.
But Sidney ultimately can't keep herself away from Dani. Somehow, they click, and they start calling each other and spending time together in the weeks following the party. Although Sidney tries asking Dani about her sexuality multiple times, Dani is always maddeningly elusive, which only makes Sidney even more attracted.
Then, just like that, they somehow find themselves in Sidney's bed one day, making out and being closer than ever. Even though Sidney now realizes that she's fallen for someone who's likely in the closet, potentially putting herself in an even more toxic situation than ever before, she can't resist the forbidden allure...
TrueLesbian Ana Foxxx & Alexis Tae - Back In Town

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