GirlsWay Madison Morgan & Nicole Aria - Quashing Her Cravings - 7 September 2023

7-09-2023, 12:43
GirlsWay Madison Morgan & Nicole Aria - Quashing Her Cravings
Nicole Aria and her best friend Madison Morgan are watching a movie, but Nicole can't concentrate. It turns out that Nicole has been trying to completely quit a bad habit, but her cravings are very difficult to ignore. Madison wants to help, and assures Nicole that they can figure out some way to get Nicole's mind off of those cravings. Madison suggests that Nicole needs more motivation to avoid going back to her old habit, such as a reward for every time she resists her cravings. They try to come up with some ideas for rewards, such as chocolates and nice walks outdoors, but Nicole says none of those would work. Nicole admits that sex is the only thing she craves as much as her old habit, but she doesn't see how she could motivate herself with THAT. To Nicole's surprise, Madison says that could actually work, and offers to have sex with Nicole for every day that she doesn't fall back into her bad habit. Nicole is hesitant about the idea, but Madison manages to convince her... and since Nicole hasn't given in to her habit today, it's time for her first reward!
GirlsWay Madison Morgan & Nicole Aria - Quashing Her Cravings

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ComfortZone 7 September 2023 22:41
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