GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Sensory - 27 November 2022

27-11-2022, 18:54
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Sensory
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Sensory - 27 November 2022
Olive G has returned from the market with some beautiful springtime produce. She prepares it for a romantic afternoon with Sophia Rose, and they settle in together to feed it to each other. Watching how the other’s lips wrap around flesh, the tart, bright flavours tantalising their senses, watching each other’s reactions to this. It’s a deeply bonding experience sharing something so intimate and sensory. Olive G and Sophia Rose move in for a kiss. Now they experience the sensation of soft, warm, moist lips gliding over their own. Tasting the residual juices as they trace their tongues over and in the other’s mouth. Another layer to this sensory delight, is the feeling of having soft, warm, moist lips pulling gently at your pussy lips. Olive G and Sophia moan while the other traces their tongue between labia dripping with pussy juice and lightly circling around erect clits. It is enough to satisfy the senses, don't you think?
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Sensory

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lapona 27 November 2022 19:15
The 69 was beautiful! Fabulous scene indeed.
ligolize 28 November 2022 02:02
I would love to see a boy/girl scene with these two beautiful women.
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