GirlsOutWest Felicity & Juliette - The Librarian - 26 November 2022

26 November 2022
GirlsOutWest Felicity & Juliette - The Librarian
GirlsOutWest Felicity & Juliette - The Librarian - 26 November 2022
Felicity is gaining wisdom from the universe about the female orgasm. How it happens differently for everyone, how different erogenous zones such as nipples, inner thighs, necks and ears differ in pleasure for different people but one thing that remains consistent, is to appreciate the time and journey there. It makes an orgasm so much more worth it… Juliette the sexy librarian struts in, fulfilling her task in placing books back to their designated spots and notices Felicity reading a book in something that she is oh so knowledgeable аbout: the art of pleasing a puss… Juliette has the teaching style of showing and telling and you bet Juliette demonstrates to Felicity a stellar standard with her tongue flicking and lips sucking on Felicity’s clit, using her cum to slip her plump, sultry lips over Felicity’s pussy, making her scream with delight… Felicity demonstrates she has listened very intently and has learnt the art of pleasuring a woman as she slides her fingers into Juliette’s juicy pussy, pulsing her fingertips against Juliette’s G-Spot causing her to moan with pleasure…
GirlsOutWest Felicity & Juliette - The Librarian

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EnjiRilok 28 November 2022 02:01
I wish felicity would let her bush grow out, otherwise. This is a beautiful shot, with 2 beautiful women.
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