GirlsOutWest Kaia - Beach Bum - 11 February 2022

15-11-2022, 21:03
GirlsOutWest Kaia - Beach Bum
GirlsOutWest Kaia - Beach Bum - 11 February 2022
Kaia was hoping to have a chill day at the beach, but of course Melbourne’s unpredictable weather ruined her plans! Kaia grabs everything from her car, reaching to the far corners to grab the items that have spilled out of her bag. We don’t mind the view at all! ;) Kaia heads inside, drops her bag and slathers creamy moisturizer all over her divine body. Her hand slides under her bikini top and the other cheekily slides into her bikini bottoms, she begins stimulating her clit with circular motions before getting undressed, bending over the table and playing with her ass and vagina. Kaia has a stroke of mazzing genius! She lubes up her pool noodle and mounts it, gyrating her hips and grinding on the foam until she’s nice and wet! After some satisfying noodle humping, Kaia grabs her suction dildo and sticks it to the table, riding it like it was her lovers cock until she cums!
GirlsOutWest Kaia - Beach Bum

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lapona 15 November 2022 21:04
Wow! Beautiful and sexy woman. Hopefully we see more of her in more scenes, maybe girl/girl scenes if she's comfortable? grinning
ligolize 15 November 2022 21:06
Hot! Would love to see her do yoga, especially backbends and various bum shots! Lovely gal! Kaia is officially my favorite! More with this person, please.
EnjiRilok 15 November 2022 21:07
We hear your cries - and we will deliver! Kaia is such a beautiful woman - full of life and vitality! So GORGEOUS! Thankyou for all the wonderful comments! I will definitely be back for more 😉😉 What an *outrageously* beautiful human. Love it.
lapona 15 November 2022 21:08
Kaia is ridiculously cute! can't wait to see more of her. Another body and ASS to DIE for!! LOVELY women!! Thank you!!
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